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17 September 1987
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Hm. I don't have much of a profile at the moment. I was an LJ-er here for several years (under a different name), then moved to GreatestJournal a few years ago. Then GJ asploded, I'm back here again, lol.

Here's the basics:
-25 years old
-married, no kids and no plans or desires to have any
-moved from Indiana to Colorado in Fall 2010
-I love animals and pets. Right now, I have a bi-color German Shepherd, who has a major case of "extremely smart, yet such a dork sometimes". He's currently 4 years old and we're doing agility training. We currently compete in USDAA, DOCNA, and AKC. I also have a female white German Shepherd, now 2 years old and doing awesome in agility. And finally, we have a 3-ish year old cat who is pretty crazy and would love to be really fat if I would let her.
-I've been active in agility for about 9 years now and it's probably my favorite thing ever
-big nerd. Yay!
-anime/manga: Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Evangelion, Kannagi, Chi's Sweet Home, Wolf's Rain, and many many more.
-video games: Legend of Zelda, Mario, DDR, a bit of Final Fantasy, DDR, Kingdom Hearts (even though I still haven't finished it LATE TO THE PARTY YEAH)
-other shows: Stargate SG-1 (favorite series ever for all time!), Merlin (coming in a close second!), House, True Blood, Big Bang Theory, there are many more that I dabble in
-books: A Song of Ice and Fire, Warriors cats series, Harry Potter, Dresden Files, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Issac Asimov, lots and lots of books, especially sci-fi and fantasy.

Yeah. I'll get a decent userinfo up...someday...XDD

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